Author Guidelines

Submitting the Manuscript

IUT-JARD is an interdisciplinary journal publishes scholarly empirical, theoretical, and review articles. All new manuscripts is to be considered for the publication in the journal should be emailed at .

Once accepted for publication, the author will be intimated through mail.

Requirements of the Manuscript

Authors are required to prepare the manuscript based on following guidelines:

Format : Articles should be submitted in Microsoft Word Format.

Font Size and Spacing:

  • Spacing : Manuscript should be submitted in with 1.5 spacing
  • Font Type : Times New Roman
  • Font Size : Main Heading should be in font size 16
    Sub-heading should be in font size 14
    Internal content should be in font size 12

Article Length :

Articles should be between 3500 and 4000 words in length. This includes all texts in the main document including references and appendices.

Author Details :

To ensure author(s) anonymity in review process, no information related to the author(s) should be mentioned in the paper. Whereas, a separate file with following details should be provided:

  • Title of the Paper
  • Working email address
  • The full name of each author must be present in the exact format they should appear for publication
  • Affiliation of each contributing author.

Abstract :

All articles must be accompanied with an abstract of 200-250 words. Abstract submitted should be single spaced in 12- point Times New Roman. The abstract must be informative and explain the background, purpose, design and main findings of the study.

Keywords :

Authors should provide appropriate and short keywords. The maximum number of keywords is 12.

Headings :

Headings must be concise, with a clear indication of the distinction between the hierarchies of headings.

The preferred format is for first level headings to be presented in bold format, typed in all capital letters and aligned left. Leave a blank line before each heading.

The sub-headings should be typed flush with the left margin, in title case (i.e., capitalize initials of each important word) and bold faced.

Acknowledgement :

Authors are instructed not to keep acknowledgement in the main manuscript, as this could compromise the review process. Authors who wish to include the item should save it in an MS Word file to be uploaded while submitting the manuscript.

Notes/Endnotes :

If authors wish to keep notes or endnotes, they must be identified in the text by consecutive numbers beginning with 1, enclosed in square brackets and listed at the end of the article.

Tables and Figures :

  • Number tables and figures consecutively (one for tables and one for figures) from the beginning to the end of the manuscript.
  • These should be simple and centered.
  • Sources of data should be mentioned below the table.
  • It should be ensured that the tables/figures are referred to in the main text.

References :

APA 6th Edition should be followed for referencing others publication. References must be carefully checked for completeness, accuracy and consistency.

Undertaking :

Authors should give an undertaking that the article is original and has never been published or is under consideration for publication in any other journal.

Review :

The manuscript submitted is subjected to blind review process and is published only after being approved by the editorial board of the journal.

After-Review Intimation :

After review, the authors shall be intimated regarding correction and the improvement required based on the feedback from reviewers, which the authors shall have to resubmit within 15 days.

Copyright :

Publisher seeks to obtain copyright for the material it publishes, without authors giving up on their scholarly rights to reuse the work. Structured copyright forms will be made available to the authors, once their manuscript is accepted for publication.

Note :

Papers that violate the spirit of the guidelines or which do not clearly fit the mission of the journal will be immediately returned to authors without being reviewed.