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The BCA-MCA Integrated Program

The BCA-MCA Integrated Program

The program provides a sound academic base in computer skills and applications from which an advanced career in computer applications can be developed. The students get a good conceptual grounding in computer usage and its practical business applications. The Integrated BCA- MCA program focuses on various areas of IT and prepares students for career in the field of information Technology.

5 Years

Pass in Class XII (any discipline). Final year Class XII students awaiting results can also apply.

Program structure
The Integrated BCA - MCA program consists of 51 courses and 4 elective courses covered in ten semesters spread over five years. Students are also required to do Summer Internships after completion of year I and II respectively.

List of Electives:
Data Warehousing and Data Mining; Parallel and Distributed Database Systems; Image Processing; Bio-informatics; Program Paradigms; Linux / UNIX System Administration; Android System

Integrated BCA-MCA Program Structure
Semester-I Semester-II
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Graphics Practical
  • ASP.Net
  • ASP.Net Practical
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Warehouse and Data Mining
  • IT Project
  • English Language Skills II
  • Fundamentals of Finance & Accounting
  • Mathematics II
  • Object Oriented Programming through C ++
  • Object Oriented Programming through C ++ Practical
  • Information Technology Trends
Summer Internship - I
Semester-III Semester-IV
  • Systems Analysis Design
  • Database Management Systems
  • Database Management Systems Practical
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Web Technologies
  • Web Technologies Practical
  • Technical Report Writing
  • Operating Systems
  • Operating Systems Practical
  • Software Engineering
  • Soft Skills
  • Visual Basic Programming
  • Visual Basic Programming Practical
  • Intranet Administration
  • Operations Research
  • Java Programming
  • Java Programming Practical
Summer Internship - II
Semester-V Semester-VI
  • Data Communication & Computer Networks
  • Dot Net Technologies
  • Dot Net Technologies Practical
  • Software Testing and Quality Management
  • Structured Query Language and Database Applications
  • Structured Query Language and Database Applications Practical
  • Management Information Systems
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Graphics Practical
  • Multimedia Systems
  • Multimedia Systems Practical
  • Network Programming
  • Network Programming Practical
  • E Commerce
  • Mini IT Project
  • Digital Electronics & Micro Processors
Semester-VII Semester-VIII
  • Programming & Problem Solving with C & C++
  • Programming & Problem Solving with C & C++ Practical
  • Advance Computer Organization
  • Advanced Software Engineering
  • Compiler Design
  • Compiler Design Practical
  • Advance Operating System
  • Advance Operating System Practical
  • IT in Banking and Insurance
  • Advance Data Structures
  • Advance Java Applet Development
  • Advance Java Applet Development Practical
  • Advance Computer Networks
  • Advanced Computer Networks Practical
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Theory of Computation
  • Soft Skills-1
Summer Internship - III
Semester-IX Semester-X
  • Design & Analysis of Algorithm
  • OOAD & UML
  • OOAD & UML Practical
  • Elective 1
  • Elective 2
  • Elective 3
  • Elective 4
  • Soft Skills-II&III
  • Major IT Project