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Faculty of Law

Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law is committed to shape a new cadre of legal professionals through a comprehensive and contemporary body of integrated knowledge of law and management and rigorous education and research programs.

FOL of IUT offers BBA-LLB(Hons), LLB and LLM.


The Bar Council of India has accorded approval to the Faculty of Law to offer five year, fulltime, campus-based Integrated BBA-LLB (Hons.) Program.

Moot Court

Moot Court is a part of LLB and BBA-LLB curriculum where students get practical knowledge with real sense of participation and commitment. Legal education with the help of Moot Court participation stimulates the learning zeal of students. Moot Courts are significant tools which educate and enrich students both in practical and theoretical aspects of legal learning. The moot court helps in understanding the bar bench relationship.


  • To provide an opportunity for students to study law as a core area and also pursue an additional area of interest by integrating law with management.
  • To provide cutting edge inputs of specialized knowledge and skills blended with emerging technology to meet the challenges of tomorrow such as environmental protection, intellectual property rights, e-business, cyber law, etc.
  • To provide highly motivated and successful science and technology graduates to meet the current and projected needs of the knowledge-workforce.

All students of Faculty of Law are required to undergo legal internship program of four weeks at the end of each academic year. The internship program will be organized in various Legal firms, Secretariat, Legislative Assembly, Women Commission, Corporate House, High Court etc. Through Internship program students will get an idea how to deal with the clients and about different legal disputes. The internship program is a stepping stone for the students who wants to be Advocates and who wants to join judiciary.