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Internship Projects

Internship Projects

Teacher Internship Program

The Teacher Internship Program (TIP) forms an important component at Faculty of Education. TIP, which is a simulation of real work environment, requires the student to undergo the rigors of professional environment both in form and substance.

All the B.Ed. students of Faculty of Education undergo the Teacher Internship Program for a period of 8 weeks between the 1st and 2nd Semester. In this process, students get an opportunity to:

Develop their teaching skills through classroom teaching.

Learn the methods of remedial teaching.

Develop Soft skills.

Acquire human skills by interacting with outside professionals during TIP.

For proper co-ordination and smooth conduct of the program, every student will be under the guidance of a faculty member of Faculty of Education. The performance of students in TIP is evaluated through review by faculty members.

School Management Project

All the B.Ed students of Faculty of Education undertake the School Management Project (SMP) during the second semester. SMP is a 12 day program wherein the trainee acquires indepth knowledge in the management of an educational institution. SMP intends to provide an "On-Job-Training" opportunity through involvement in real time project.

SMP involves developing strategies to enhance the quality of performance at the existing academic institutions. The project requires the students to pursue detailed study and analysis of a specific functional area of chosen school through intensive discussions with the school administration. This is to be supplemented by a literature survey and library research.

The study is carried out under the guidance of a faculty member from Faculty of Education, who encourages students to develop better understanding of the organizational processes by contributing new ideas and helping them interact with the relevant functional groups in the school.

Action Research Project

Action Research Project (ARP) is unique to Faculty of Education. It is a year long project done at the college itself. ARP focuses on developing solutions for the day-to-day problems faced by the students/teachers in schools. Faculty of Education encourages the B.Ed trainee students to undertake research projects that will help them identify new techniques and strategies for effective teaching.

The project is done under the guidance of a faculty member at Faculty of Education. In this project, the students identify different problems and critically analyze them by taking assistance from the concerned faculty member as project guide. The ARP comes to an end when a report of the project undertaken is submitted after satisfactory appraisal of the project by the guide.

Case Study To prepare this record the students have to identify one school student who is having any kind of Behavioral/ Conduct problems and then they have to investigate and collect the detail information from the case and from the other social institutions that are related with him.